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Seven keys of dating through the pros at OkCupid

Seven keys of dating through the pros at OkCupid

The internet dating site’s figures expert shows the distressing facts about guys, lady and aging – and why it is wise to query a potential lover how they feel about frightening videos.

According to research by the data, white folks are enthusiastic about hair. Photo: Zonecreative/Getty Files Image: Zonecreative/Getty Pictures

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I found myself among the many founders of OkCupid, a dating website that, over a really unbubbly longterm of decade, has grown to become one of the biggest in the world. I begun it with three company. We were all mathematically oriented, and the web site succeeded in huge component because we applied that mind-set to online dating. I’ve led OkCupid’s statistics employees since 2009, and my job is seem sensible in the data the consumers create. Having fun with the figures helps us run our very own website. But as anyone deliver innovation deeper and further in their physical lives, could indicate to us powerful and absurd things about whom the audience is as human beings. Listed below are just a few examples.

1. Females need an extremely sensible way of aging

This table databases, for a lady, the age of guys she discovers more appealing.

Reading through the top, we come across that 20 and 21-year-old lady prefer 23-year-old dudes; 22-year-old women like males that are 24, and so forth down throughout the years to ladies at 50, who we see rates 46-year-olds the best. This is exactlyn’t research facts, this will be facts built from tens of many preferences shown during the act to find a date, plus through the first few records, the gist on the dining table is clear: a woman wishes a man becoming around because outdated as this woman is.

Look more closely, though, there are two transitions, which correspond with larger birthdays. The foremost is at 30, where in actuality the development of male years dips below parity, not to mix back once again. The data is saying that until 30, a lady favors a little elderly men; afterwards, she loves them somewhat young. After that at 40, a woman’s tastes may actually strike a wall. Or a man’s appearances fall-off a cliff, should you want to contemplate it that way. When we need pick the aim where a man’s intimate appeal has reached their maximum, it is here: 40.

2. At the same time, people gets older nevertheless they don’t truly mature

Here’s just how males rates people, the votes supposed others means. If they become 20, 30, or 50, males think a female is located at the woman ideal when she’s in her own early 20s.

As you can tell, it is virtually a unanimous vote for youthfulness. Wooderson, the smoothness played by Matthew McConaughey into the film Dazed and perplexed, evidently spoke for every men when he stated: “That’s what I like about these high-school women, people. I have earlier. They remain exactly the same age.”

3. White people love to talk about hair

I crunched 3.2 billion terms of profile text, searching algorithmically for typical ways people describe themselves. Here you will find the best five words for white people and white women:


  • my personal blue eyes
  • blond tresses
  • Ween
  • brown hair
  • searching and angling


  • my blue eyes
  • reddish tresses and
  • blonde hair and
  • want to become outside
  • mudding

Ween (a prog-rock musical organization) and mudding (for which you push a motor vehicle or four-wheeler through . dirt) include both items of OkCupid’s huge American consumer base. This method talks about the quintessential exceptional phrase a group utilizes to fairly share by themselves; white people’s hair type arise due to the fact, more often than not, some other racial groups don’t bring blond or yellow locks. For evaluation, here you will find the words for a few additional big groups on OkCupid:

Dark boys

  • dreads
  • Jill Scott
  • Haitian
  • soca
  • neo spirit

Latino guys

4. Using the same strategy, these represent the 30 ‘most Uk’ words

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