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News Release info chairman and chief executive officer of ACE financial exhibit .

News Release info chairman and chief executive officer of ACE financial exhibit .

DALLAS (SPHERE NEWSWIRE) — MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI), a leading international cash transport and transaction services company, launched today that it has renewed a historical contract with considered one of their largest brokers, serve Cash present, Inc. , an installment loans VT Irving, Tx -based monetary services organization. The prolonged seven-year agreement develops within a durable relationship between the two organizations that have purposefully proved helpful jointly for 25 years to provide entry to substitute economic services for consumers during the U.S. With this renewal, MoneyGram has now attached eight of their top ten agents with the first coin of 2017 or past.

“Our company is exceptionally thrilled to renew our very own agreement with ACE money show , which has been a fantastic spouse in growing our U.S. company. This renewal underscores MoneyGram’s compelling global manufacturer, reputation success in more than 200 countries and territories, and special way of providing our personal agents and buyers,” says

Pamela H. Patsley

, MoneyGram’s chairman and executive officer that is chief. “the U.S. clients have got made use of the services at ACE money exhibit spots for several years, and collectively, most of us look ahead to construction on our personal provided accomplishment. MoneyGram is consistently centered on enhancing service shipment, and now we importance ACE’s capacity to meet customer needs for pass transactions, money pick-up and invoice cost services.”

Aided by the agreement, MoneyGram’s full package of services money that is, money commands, statement obligations

— will still be offered by greater than 1,400 U.S. serve wealth present shops.

Customers may also access MoneyGram’s on-line services throughout the ACE Cash show site, wherein they’re able to link straight to MoneyGram to transfer resources or pay bills.

” For over a quarter connected with a millennium, ACE wealth present and MoneyGram have offered useful financial solutions to huge numbers of people,” stated

Jay B. Shipowitz

“ACE’s concern is always to supply people with access to products and services which will help them meet their own financial desired goals, and then we assume that ACE’s partnership with MoneyGram continues to be of great worth to our buyers.”

About MoneyGram Overseas, Inc.

MoneyGram , a leading cash transfer business, provides important services to customers that aren’t fully supported by standard banking institutions. MoneyGram provides money that is worldwide services much more than 200 nations and regions via a worldwide system of 345,000 representative spots, including merchants, worldwide document workplaces and financial institutions. MoneyGram has the benefit of statement repayment solutions, troubles money sales and operations formal investigations in locate markets.

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